Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions. If you don't see your question answered here, set up a free, 30-minute discovery call and I'll answer it in person.

Should I take a break from drinking?

There are lots of reasons to want to take a break from alcohol. But many women worry that even thinking about taking a break might signal that they might have a “problem.” Why is that?

Drinking is part of our culture. It’s a right of passage. It’s a recipe for fun, a break from the grind. Not drinking is boring and not being able to control it a signal that something must be wrong with you. Right?

For a long time I was sure this was all true. I didn’t want to be “the girl that didn’t drink” but I was also tired of dealing with the repercussions of having one too many the night before.

What finally changed? I had to separate out my desire for things to be different from my fear of what not drinking might mean about who I was or what my life would look like.

The real question is, are you frustrated enough with the costs of drinking that you’re ready to try something new? Do you want to learn the tools that will shift your relationship with alcohol so that you can get to a healthier, happier place?

Why should I work with a coach?

Have you ever read a self-help book cover to cover, found it illuminating and inspiring, only to turn around and be unable to put your new intentions into action? Knowledge alone does not lead to transformation.

This frustrated me to no end around drinking. I knew I was using alcohol as a crutch and I was tired of the repercussions. But every time I took a break, I ended up feeling worse. (Sure I felt physically better, but emotionally? Not so much.)

I no longer had a release valve for my insecurities and stress. I no longer had a glass of wine to look forward to at the end of the day, or cocktails with friends after a shitty week. On top of everything, not drinking made me the odd man out. Transformation felt impossible.

There’s a huge difference between understanding and doing, but too often we assume that the former should naturally lead to the latter. This is a never-ending source of frustration for many women who are incredibly insightful about the inner workings of their minds, yet notice that all the self-reflection in the world hasn’t fixed what they would like to change.

As a coach, I can help you bridge the gap. I can show you how to take ideas that sound good on paper and transform them into practical steps that fit into their lives. When you stumble or hit a roadblock, I’m there to help you figure out why something isn’t working and help you strategize a new way forward.

How will I benefit?

You are more than capable of counting days on your own. Coaching will give you something that goes much deeper than a number. You’ll learn:

  • Why alcohol can sometimes feel like a crutch and how not to need it.
  • The surprising answer to what’s really fueling your desire to drink.
  • How to have fun, feel confident, and deal with stress without a glass in your hand.
  • The reason why willpower and discipline aren’t the solution.
  • Techniques for overcoming the most common obstacles (including how to handle questions from friends and family).

More than anything, you’ll leave with a new perspective and a new set of tools that you can apply in any situation. You’ll feel more confident in your own abilities and more capable of implementing change on your own.

If you want more information on what it would be like to work together, sign up for a free, 30-minute discovery call today.