Ready to take what you learned in The 5-Day Reset to the next level?

Join a group of like-minded women who are working to change the habit of drinking. Expand on the concepts you learned about in The 5-Day Reset, discover what’s holding you back from change, and feel in control of your desire to drink once and for all.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Live coaching calls twice a week. Each call will go in-depth on the think-feel-act cycle and how to use this tool to change the habit.

  • Calls are 45 minutes long and take place on Sundays at 11am Pacific and Wednesdays at 4pm Pacific. (The call on 4/1 will be moved to 4/2 at 2pm.)

  • All calls will be recorded if you’re unable to join live.

A private group with daily support. I’ll be in there every day answering your questions and coaching you on how to change the habit.

  • You’ll get help every day overcoming obstacles and identifying what’s holding you back from change.

  • The group is accessible via the Slack app you can download on your computer or smart phone.

The investment is $600 for the month.

Are you interested?
Apply for a spot in the April 2018 group today.
(Registration closes March 31, 2018)



  • You must have completed The 5-Day Reset Training Videos and Exercises. We’ll be diving into these tools, so I want to make sure that everyone is familiar with the concepts.

  • A commitment to extending your break period. You will decide for how long (and no, it doesn’t have to be for the entire month). I want you to have plenty of clear space to work on the tools to change your habit rather than cleaning up after hangovers.

  • This coaching group is currently only open to women.