Do you want to drink less? I can help.

For years, I was frustrated because my drinking was so unpredictable. Sometimes I was “good.” Other times I would wake up hungover, wondering if my “off-switch” was broken. All I wanted was for my drinking not to be an issue.

None of the solutions out there resonated with me. It didn’t make sense that the world was divided into “normal drinkers” and alcoholics, or that change required declaring yourself powerless. Finally, I found a solution that worked.

It’s simple: you need to re-train your brain. No labels. No meetings. No atoning for character flaws. Just learning how much power you actually have to when it comes reducing your desire to drink.

Are you interested? Every week, I offer a handful of FREE 30-minute coaching sessions on the phone. If you’re tired of the empty calories, waking up feeling out of sorts, or beating yourself up over last night, then why not sign up?


Here’s what you can expect on the call:

  • A coach who’s been exactly where you are and who will show you that drinking more than you want is just a habit that you can change.

  • A safe, confidential, judgment-free space to discuss where you feel stuck and why you’re not moving forward.

  • One tool you can implement right away to start training your brain how handle your desire.

  • Information (if you want it) on how you can get more support. If not, no problem. You’ll leave with personalized tips and some new know-how.

Schedule your free, 30-minute coaching session today and learn how to drink less and feel better.


If the calendar shows “no vacancy” it means this week’s sessions are sold out.
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