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Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else?
A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding Why You Drink and Knowing How to Take a Break

If you’ve ever struggled with drinking too much and want to learn how take a break without feeling like you're missing out on life, look no further.

I wrote Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else? to share with people the tools I use with my private clients and show people that you can answer this question without labels or shame.

Struggling with drinking too much doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or your brain, and it’s not a sign that you lack willpower or that you have a problem with your character.

Drinking too much is simply a habit that you unconsciously learned in an attempt to feel better. It feels difficult to change because you don’t yet understand what’s really driving it.

Inside, I’ll reveal just how much power you have to feel better without needing to distract yourself from anxiety, stress, insecurity loneliness or whatever discomfort you feel.

Each time you turn to a drink to take the edge off, relieve stress, or just feel better, you miss out on the opportunity to learn how capable you are of being with any emotion and how powerful you are to generate better feelings on your own.

Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else? outlines:

  • How the most common frameworks for understanding over-drinking miss the mark.
  • Why alcohol can feel like a crutch and how not to need it.
  • The surprising answer to what’s really fueling your desire to drink.
  • How to have fun, feel confident, and deal with stress without a glass in your hand.
  • The reason why willpower and discipline aren’t the solution.
  • Techniques for overcoming the most common obstacles.
  • How to take a break from drinking without feeling miserable or like you’re missing out.

It really is simpler than you think.

Now available in paperback through your favorite bookstores, January 2, 2018:
Barnes & Noble


This will completely change the way you think about drinking! –G.

Rachel’s approach is so different and refreshing. There is hope for those of us that just want to cut back. –C.

I’ve never had anyone unpack drinking in this way before. Now I can examine the habit without all the judgment and shame. Amazing! –M.

Although her approach appears unconventional, I can see links to mindfulness practices. This has helped me integrate her techniques seamlessly with my spiritual practice. –B.

Since finding her work, I’ve not only cut back on the number of days I drink but also how much I drink on the days I do. I feel differently about myself and think differently about alcohol. –R.

She lifts the veil on the internal struggle. –K.

Her viewpoints are spot on and her approach is much needed in a the world of only 12-step ideas.  –M.

Her insight and approach is the first thing that has ever helped me with my drinking. –L.

Rachel has a way of putting things that are hard for a lot of us, and simplifying it. She understands things because she’s been there. –K.

Rachel’s perspective is insightful, non-judgmental and practical. A paradigm shift. –T.

I highly recommend this to anyone who uses drinking to quiet their mind. –S.

I’m following her steps and realizing I can have a great life without alcohol. I’m finding myself becoming one of those people who doesn’t desire booze. It’s fantastic! –F

There is another way. Thank you! –L.

Rachel offers actual strategies that have helped me gain control of my life. –A.

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