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Ep #59: I Deserve It

This week on the Take a Break podcast, I'm discussing permission-giving thoughts, how they fuel the habit of drinking, and the most common one, "I deserve it."

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Ep #56: Your Opinion of You

Your opinion of you should be your number one priority. When you focus on what others think, it will keep you stuck and unable to change the habits that aren't serving you. 

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Ep #54: Why I Don’t Use Labels

Most people are conditioned to talk about overdrinking solely through the labels “alcoholic,” “sober,” or “recovered.” These labels don't capture the varying degrees of struggle or the nature of how habits work. Listen to the benefits of describing the habit rather than labeling the person when it comes to changing your drinking.

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Ep #52: Compelling Reason 2.0

Why it helps to have a compelling reason if you want to take a break, how to find one, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls and misconceptions when using a compelling reason to motivate change.

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