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The 5-Day Reset will teach you why you’re overdrinking and how to desire alcohol less.   

Take a break from drinking so that you can learn:

  • the secret to dealing with urges
  • why willpower and discipline aren’t the answer
  • the science behind the desire to drink 
  • how to stop feeling deprived when you turn down a glass of wine
  • a simple strategy to handle any occasion when you’re not drinking

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“I just finished your 5 Day Reset and I wanted to thank you. What an awesome free offering. So well done, and such a refreshing, non-shame-y approach to examining and changing one's alcohol consumption. Thanks so much for putting this into the world.” — Marie

“I just completed the 5 day challenge! I haven’t skipped a day of drinking in over a year. I knew I needed to do something about it but it felt too big, too hard. I stumbled across an ad for your 5 day reset. Your approach is so refreshing. Any other help I’ve sought out is very condemning. “You’re an addict” “it’s an addiction” “it’s a disease”. You put the power and control back into my hands. I’m not hopeless or helpless. With your videos and strategy, the 5 days were easier than I ever dreamed possible. I thought I would have to be committed to a facility to give it up. My family and I really can’t thank you enough. You’re doing a great thing. Wish you the best!” — Kit

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