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Welcome: Preparing for a Successful Reset!

You are about to embark on a full, 5-day break from drinking.

But first, have you joined the private Facebook group? There are tons of resources inside. I’m in there live, every Wednesday, answering all of your questions.

This challenge is so much more than just saying no to a glass of wine, and today’s video is going to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions below.


What day should I start the Reset on?

The first live 5-Day Reset used Sunday as the prep day, Monday-Friday as the break, and Saturday to plan next steps, but you can start any day you like!

Should I remove alcohol from my home during the Reset?

Many participants don’t (often because their partner is not on a break). Make the choice that feels right for you. I go in depth on why removing all alcohol can backfire on my podcast.

What if I drink during the Reset? Should I start over?

Please don’t! There’s a powerful exercise you can do in the Facebook group that shows you how to use the decision to drink during the break as a way to understand the habit better, rather than beat yourself up. Complete that exercise and then keep going through the training.

Can people see if I join the Facebook group and will my posts appear in my personal feed?

The 5-Day Reset group on Facebook is a closed group. Anyone on Facebook can search for the group and see who’s in it, but only members can see posts. Your personal newsfeed won’t show that you’ve joined the group, and your group membership won’t be visible when others view your profile page. Only members of the 5-Day Reset will be able to see your comments and questions in the group. They will not appear in your personal newsfeed.

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